Individual sessions

This individual therapy session is a possibility to talk about the issues that are important to you at this point of your life. You will be able to recognize it in it's reflections in your work, your relationships and meditation. Bringing your awareness to conditioning and its roots in the past, will support you in finding your individuality and new possibilities to deal with these issues today.

Counseling Training

This Training  is designed for practitioners who already work with clients and who want to learn counseling skills or have previous experiences in therapy and want to do this Training for their personal growth.


Therapeutic Skills and Tools – Working from Within

This first two parts of the Counseling Training will  teach the very basics of Spiritual Therapy. It focusses on working from within. As a therapist we need to find an inner space or attitude where we are open and nonjudgmental towards the client. Therapy can only be successful if the therapist is free of ideals and ideas of how things should be and what should happen for the client. He needs to provide a space in which the client can explore and open up to himself and express himself freely.  

This means that the therapist needs to learn to find that very space inside himself. He also needs to be aware of what might be in the way for him to enter that space. Ambition, fear of failure, the need for control and many other reasons may stand in the way of therapist and client. It is essential not to get lost in right and wrong, in good and bad, in success or failure, but to always remember to stay connected with that open and nonjudgmental space, to remember to stay present and aware at all times. The key as therapist is to not approach your client only in a technical way, but to be there with love. This love will bring transformation into the therapy. 


Layout of a session:

- Preparing for a session

- case history, anamnesis

- Finding the issue of the session

- 'Listening'

- Dialoguing

- recognizing and naming what is happening in the moment

- recognizing and naming the attitude of the client towards the issue

- watching your attitude as a therapist during the session: no judgement, acceptance, love

- learning about the importance of love and meditation in therapy

- Rogers: basic approach and attitude,  Mirroring

- the flow of a session: how deep do I go, where do I stop, how do I need to work according to the each client? 

- camel, lion, child: a way to diagnose the client

- difficult clients

This all will be taught in teaching units and trained on a very practical base. The participants of the Training will work with each other and will step by step learn how to hold this space of openness and meditation throughout the session. There will be sharings to support the participants on a personal level as well as there will be space for feedback and to ask questions that might arise about the work. 

Working with Projections

This part of the Training we will focus on the phenomenon of projections. To understand the concept of Transference and Counter-transference between the client and the therapist is essential. Through them we can see a lot about the conditioning and development of the personality of the client. It brings out the unsolved issues in the client and also in the therapist. If they are not dealt with in a conscious way, they might let the therapy be unsuccessful and lead to repeating  old behavioral patterns from childhood and might lead to unhealthy relationships, such as building a sexual relationship between client and therapist. 

If we use projections in a conscious way they become a powerful tool, that can be very helpful in therapy. 


- Understanding the mechanism of projections

- Transference

- Counter-transference

- Reading, understanding and interpreting the client's reactions in a session

- meeting sexual issues and attraction between client and therapist with awareness and necessary distance