Dynamic Body Therapy

As we grow up in modern society, with its striving for success, speed and knowledge, we forget what it means to flow in life and to follow our natural and spontaneous  impulses.  Often we find that it is not easy for us to express feelings such as anger, fear, sadness, joy and love.  Not expressing these impulses, which we hold since our earliest childhood, prevent the flow and vibration of energy in our whole organism and manifest themselves as tensions and sicknesses.

Wilhelm Reich described these symptoms as “body armor” and distinguished between five Body and Character Types, each having a specific form of armor.  In the case of each respective character tension, Reich saw a blocking of our emotional responsiveness and an inhibition of our individuality. All character and body types have particular habits, preferences, fears, weaknesses and strengths. They develop during childhood and are influenced by the social environment. We recognize ourselves in all five body types, but find that we identify mostly with just one.

Reich and his successors developed concepts and found ways, to open the “body armor” and to let the energy from body, breath and feelings harmoniously pulse with each other. As a consequence vital experience and deep emotional feeling can develop freely again.

In Dynamic Body Therapy we use therapeutic methods developed by Reich and Lowen and enrich them with an extra dimension, with meditation.  This creates room for acceptance, watching and relaxation and so leads us deep inside ourselves, to our life source.

Workshops and Training

Workshop (1-4 days)

A Dynamic Bodywork workshop has a length of 2-4 days and takes you right into experiencing your body, your breath and feelings. It helps opening up to yourself and releasing tensions and long held emotions. You will feel refreshed and relaxed and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Training in Dynamic Body Therapy

The Training in Dynamic Body Therapy offers a fundamental training for people who do Body Work or want to include body therapy in their practice. It teaches the Body and Character types according to Wilhelm Reich and it shows how this knowledge can be used as a diagnostic and therapeutic method in Body Therapy.  It is also aimed at all those, who wish to free their own energy and to experience their emotional richness.  This leads to a better understanding of oneself and allows on one hand to see our own limitations and behavioral patterns and on the other hand to discover our possibilities and live our potential.


• Free all Feelings: Anger – Fear – Pain – Sadness – Joy – Strength – Sensuousness – allow, express and accept Love and Intimacy; healing of emotional wounds.

• dissolving of emotional blockages in the various body segments and Chakras through Bioenergetics and other forms of Neo-Reichian body work.

• Breath Therapy: The breath as a way to our original vitality.

• contacting the immediate experiences of body, breath and feeling.

• Identification of complementary emotional pairs: Rage/Love, Fear/Trust, Pain/Pleasure

• Sexuality: Liberation from shame and taboos. To allow natural sensuality, self-esteem and self-love.

• Introduction into the theory of pulsation and counter pulsation and the Orgasm Formula.

• Meditation: Presence, watchfulness, perception, acceptance, relaxation.

• Basic issues of character shaping, their interrelationship with body structure and emotional, thought and behavior patterns.

• Exploration of character strategies.

• Introduction into the theories of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen.

• Learning and applying the techniques of the Dynamic Body Therapy, appropriate to the different character types.