Holistic Massage

Massage Is the most ancient healing technique that is known. It is the art of touching another in more than the physical dimension and supporting the healing that is needed for each individual. Bringing the space of Love and Meditation into the Massage session opens a space to experience the body in a totally new way - feeling oneness, relaxation and aliveness in every cell of it. The following techniques are being used: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Release, Massage of Pain-Points, Breath and Energy Work.


This individual therapy session is a possibility to talk about the issues that are important to you at this point of your life. You will be able to recognize it in it's reflections in your work, your relationships and meditation. Bringing your awareness to conditioning and its roots in the past, will support you in finding your individuality and new possibilities to deal with these issues today.

Couple Counseling

This is a possibility to look at issues and conflicts coming up in a relationship. It supports both partners in recognizing the emotional patterns and rigid structures that they might have got stuck in. Guided by the therapist, openness and honesty of both helps finding new and individual solutions for each couple.

Somatic Experiencing ( Healing Trauma)

SE is a psycho-physiological method and a powerful instrument for trauma prevention and healing. The method is based on the research and development work carried out by Dr. Peter Levine (author of the book «Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma»). In a gentle manner, it supports the step-by-step discharge and release of life energy trapped within the nervous system.


is for people who work with people - in teaching, healing, social work or therapy. Bringing into consciousness the issues that arise in a team or for you as an individual in connection to your work or team. Looking at the difficulties, conflicts and the possibilities of each individual, as well as bringing in self love and distance, opens a space of creativity and flow, that naturally brings in new solutions and possibilities for dealing with the situation.

Dynamic Body Therapy

is a deep, organic process, that works with the Body, Breath and Feelings. It is rooted in Neo Reichian Bodywork and Therapy. A Dynamic Body Thereapy session guides you to the source of your life energy that flows within. It takes you deep into yourself and is opening up to feeling the aliveness of the body and to celebrating it.

Hara Awareness Massage

is an invitation to let go into the space of simply being and relaxing into the center, the Hara, which is the source of cosmic life energy and is located about 4 fingers below the navel. Deep physical and emotional tensions that have built up from physical or emotional trauma, from operations or illnesses are released. An enormous amount of energy is released and flows into healing.