Conscious Hands –

Holistic Massage Training

Massage has a clearly defined place in our health system. It is the oldest of healing arts and is not only used to treat tension but is also used to prevent medical sicknesses and stress. It is offered by holistic doctors, in fitness centers and in Spas. They all trust the positive effects of massage to support the general health of the body: the blood circulation is strengthened, the joints are released and the stress that people experience in their daily life gets reduced.

This Training teaches to give a whole body massage, which can be offered in Spas, from natural doctors or in a private setting. The Training is structured in such a way, that the strokes and techniques used for the different parts of the body can be taught and shown in depth. The participants will exchange sessions with each other in order to learn and practice the massage and not only on a theoretical base. Towards the end of the training, models will be invited, so that the massage can be practiced on someone unknown.

Content of the Training

• Strokes to give a whole body Massage

• Esalen Massage: connecting strokes

• Kneeling: strong massage on legs and arms

• Structural Massage: deep tissue work

• Joint Release: Loosening and moving the joints to support their flexibility

• Stretchings: expanding movements and stretches to energize the body

• Energy Massage: soft touch to balance the energies in the body

• Body Reading : a basic understanding of how the body structure is connected to the emotions

• Intuition: trusting the natural touch of the hands and listening to the messages of the body

• Consciousness: love, presence and awareness in touching to capture the person as a whole

• Self exploration through Dance, Exercises, Stretching and Meditations to bring more awareness for the body and to tune into giving and receiving Massage

Conscious Hands –

Holistic Massage Training (Advanced)

This course is an opportunity to deepen and expand your capacity and knowledge in Massage. As there are innumerable ways to touch the body, there are always more strokes and methods to learn and add to your own repertoire. We will be looking at some special ways of working with massage, for example with pregnant women or the effects of joint release. We also want to pick up on techniques that are taught in the Basic Training to gain more self assurance in working with massage and being with a client.


• side sessions: how and when to use it ( e.g. pregnant women)

• body reading: deepening the experience of the basic course

• additional strokes on the shoulders and neck

• joint release

Conscious Hands –

Intuitive Massage

Whenever we touch a person, we don't only touch on a physical level, we also touch on an energetic and emotional level. Intuitively we change the speed, depth and the techniques in order to really meet the client. Sometimes we might also use words or questions to deepen their understanding and relaxation.

This Training focusses on the intuitive side of massage. It teaches you to touch your client on a deeper level by 'reading' and responding to the client's energy and feelings.

The first step needed is having a clarity about your own feelings, mood, energetic level. Only then you can distinguish if your impulses in the massage are connected to your own needs and state of being or if they are connected to the other person. Once you have gained that clarity the second step follows: you can clearly identify the issues that are coming up for your client. By sharing your perception in form of touch, images or feelings, you can invite the client to bring more awareness to himself. Touch and communication during the session as well as at the end of a session will help deepen the clients understanding and relaxation.

Trainings content:

• communication before and after the session

• energy reading

• working with resonance

• using the appropriate technique suitable to each client individually

  1. using communication during and at the end of a session