Workshops and Intensives

When working with issues round relating or relationships we encounter many different issues. In workshops or Intensives we will have the opportunity to experience ourselves on the path of love and acceptance. We will learn to be in our aloneness and in relationship to others. We need to be ourselves as an individual and, at the same time, learn that we are part of something bigger.

The different polarities through which we experience ourselves – tension and relaxation, passion and devotion, male and female sexuality, light and shadow, anima and animus – are polarities in search of union. This striving for unity is spirituality first expressed through our desire for union in sexuality and relationships.

”Love gives the greatest joy because it bridges opposites. Without love something is missing, one exists only as half. An emptiness always remains in a person who has never loved and this emptiness will be like a wound. It can only be healed through love, and love means letting male and female energies melt. There are two ways this can happen: either you meet a man or a woman in the outer world – that is the usual way…The other way is to discover the man or the woman inside of you because this polarity also exists in your inner world. Every man has an inner woman and every woman has an inner man and when these meet it is a Tantric meeting… And my school is a Tantric school.“

Osho: The Rainbow Bridge #23

Tantra Energetics Intensive

1. The Beginning

In the beginning we we need to find  basic attitudes towards ourselves as well as towards the other. It equals having an inner space of acceptance, openness and curiosity towards to life. It is not being goal-orientated but saying “yes” to what is, 'yes' to whatever is happening in the here and now.  We don’t look for change or want something to be different, more so we are invited to have an intimate contact with yourself; acknowledging  positive and negative aspects and letting them be. This simply “letting things be” is a great challenge when meeting and connecting with a partner. Using the body, the senses and the sexual energy will support coming into the here and now.  Making friends with the body and our natural energy, is like a “home coming”, a reclaiming of the ground that we stand on. We become aware of how we are rooted in our bodies and sexuality today.

2. Devotion and Passion

In sexuality we meet a very specific polarity: devotion and passion. In devotion we find the melting love which lets our boundaries disappear and allows intimacy. In passion we find the fiery, animating force of the excitement, which gives us sharp contours.  Relaxation and arousal, receptivity and power/strength alternate in our lives. This tension between both polarities is the attraction between man and woman.

Not everyone of us is able to allow themselves to live both sides as they often confront us with memories and fears. Passion can evoke strong feelings, not only strength and wildness, but also for example rage or destruction. This confronts us with the fear of separation.  Devotion holds not just intimacy and gentleness but also the fear of losing individuality or the fear of merging with the other.

Tantra offers the possibility to encounter yourself with your wounds and boundaries. It is these, which have led to you losing contact with your nature. Tantra allows you to experience your passion and devotion in a new way.

3. Male and Female Sexuality

We would all like to enjoy our natural sexuality and our lives. Tantra leads you to an intimate encounter with your sexuality. In our society we rarely have the opportunity to meet our sexuality and our body with openness and curiosity. On the contrary we often have the feeling that we have to hide things from others, or think that we have to be quiet about everything concerning this subject.

Sometimes there is the feeling of not being good enough or the pressure to having to perform or there is a fear of letting go or being receptive.  o compensate for these feelings of inferiority, we develop specific strategies and behavioral patterns. We strive to be different than who we are - we might become machos or slip into co-dependency.

These patterns also show in our sexuality and in our rolls as men and women, and they are reinforced by the expectations of today’s society.

To allow ourselves to look, to feel and also to communicate about our issues, helps to dissolving the wounds and injuries that we have experienced around sexuality.

Tantra is about living a fulfilling life and not just about freeing your sexuality. The conflicts between man and woman point towards something more profound: the fear of surrendering to one’s true nature. Sexuality connects us to our roots and nature, where we are grounded into being.

4. Light and Shadow in Love – Projections and Integration of the Shadow in Relationship

We usually are only aware of a few aspects of our being and we identify ourselves with the aspects, we like about ourselves. The aspects that we reject, or we do not want to be, become shadows that are alive in our unconscious. These shadow rules much of our lives. They steer and control us also in our way of relating and in our relationships.

Often we choose a partner that reflects our shadows. As we become more aware and accept the aspects that we denied, we will have the opportunity to become more integrated in ourselves. We will feel less dependent and more capable of allowing intimacy.

As we explore our shadows, we encounter typical male or female archetypes that are known in the Indian tradition as the Gods, Shiva and Kali. Tantra acknowledges both, the light and shadow sides, as godly and enables a new encounter between man and woman.

Some of the group time will be spent in silence, to support the let-go of old familiar patterns of social behavior and help find new ways of an authentic meting between man and woman.

5. Anima and Animus – the Invisible Partner

In the tradition of Tao the concept of Yin and Yang has been an expression of the experience that our life consists of a balance between the male and the female. C.G. Jung has included this concept in western psychology: he says that every man has male qualities and in his unconscious an inner woman, Anima.  Every woman has her female qualities and in her unconscious an inner man, Animus. 

In each human being is a dynamic between the male and the female side.  Sometimes the male side dominates the female or vice versa.  Sometimes they are in relationship to each other, sometimes not.  Sometimes you try to deny or ignore the one or the other side. Yet it is only through acknowledging both sides that healing and being at one with oneself can happen. You have both: male and female qualities.

This inner dynamic is reflected in many areas of your life: Whether you are in a relationship or not and what form it might take, how your attitude towards work is or how your approach is to taking decisions, everything is an expression of the relationship between you and your invisible partner.  Anima and Animus are in a deeper sense, guides as they tend to lead you into situations that you would normally avoid.  You might experience situations in life, that do not necessarily correspond to your conscious wishes. 

The Anima seduces the man into the world of feeling and emotional involvement, which are foreign to his natural psychology, as foreign as it would be for a cat to be under water.  The woman is driven by the Animus into solitude, independence and self-realization, which does not correspond with her instinctive preference to live life. She often lives through personal relationships and identifies herself through others.  Anima and Animus push you towards your limitations and invites you to go beyond. Without them no inner growth would be possible.

6. Tantric Alchemy – Riding the Wild Tiger

In Tantra very different energies meet, the subtle, fine and vulnerable and the passionate, wild energies come together.  They are both part of an encounter between man and woman.  We learn how the feminine energy and intuition can be honored and valued and how the male presence can be trusted, without control or inward retreat.

In the appreciation of both sides, sexuality changes.  Tension and relaxation are no longer contradictions, they stand side by side.  In this way a new encounter is created, Osho described it as the Valley Orgasm.  It is an allowing and acceptance of sexual passion and ecstatic love in men and women.  The synthesis of tension and relaxation is not only a theme in sexuality it affects every area of our lives.

It offers us a new attitude to life, in the Tantric relationship which may well take place in solitude, as in a partnership.

7. Unio Mystica

This weekend completes the Tantra Energetics Year’s Training.  We take time to be with each other, share our experiences, round things off and to celebrate.

Participants, who took part in the Tantra Energetics Intensive or Anima and Animus, have the possibility to participate at a reduced repeater price in the Tantra Year’s Training.

You can take part in this process as either a single person or also together with your partner.