Systemic Constellations

Nowadays Systemic Constellations are a widely spread technique to work on  different issues that occur in life. They include family constellations, organizational constellations and structural constellations. This work is rooted in different techniques such as Psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy and systemic work. Bert Hellinger has brought this work forward tremendously by connecting these different techniques.

Systemic constellations are an effective tool in solving and supporting interpersonal problems in both families and organizations.

Constellations are used in personal therapy settings as well as in organizations such education, health care, prisons and other social services as well as in businesses.

In Individual Sessions or  Group Processes Companies,  Families and Individuals can address their issues and if appropriate set up their system.

The issues that one can work with are beyond others: marriage and relationship, physical and mental illness, adoption, family issues, employment and finances.

In Organizations the process can be used to focus on restructuring, communication, team motivation, harassment, ethical questions, decision making, strategic issues and mission statements.

Constellations may reveal a new perspective on issues related to inheritance, family businesses, war and crimes.

Systemic constellations are uniquely suited to individuals, families and organizations that wish to live life at its full potential.