Body-oriented Workshops and Sessions

Healing Trauma

When working in the field of therapy as a client or as a therapist we will  come across issues around traumatic experiences personally or in our clients. Therefore it is helpful  to get a general understanding of shock and trauma and to acquire some basic techniques to deal with it.

An experience is labeled traumatic, when it could not be integrated and absorbed by a person. It then remains as a memory in the body and in the nervous system, which needs to be released in oder to heal.

Body-oriented techniques present an opportunity to get in contact with the trauma through the felt sense and release the charge by inviting involuntary movements of the body. Understanding the importance of resources and developing ways of remembering and using them, is an important part of the work. Other than that the use of simple language and physical interventions help letting go of the held energy in the nervous system and thus leads to healing.